Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Limping to Leaping; Teaching the system to dance

Below are some of the topics I've considered writing about.  What are your thoughts?

Benefits to Reduced Rewards:  Helping systems self-sustain
From Limping to Leaping:  Teaching the system to dance
Designing for Personality:  People scaled progress
The Profit Primacy Pitfall
Building New Banks:  Keeping it local, keeping it human, keeping it good.
Profits to the People:  Doing good with local loans
Ending the national ponzi scheme of interest:  Fixing the missing interest loophole
Ending Interest:  Closing the loop with community cash
Stocking Up on Wealth:  Barter Banks Make Wealth Without Interest
Avoiding Fixations:  Examining the roots as well as the trees
Making Real Money:  Assets as Deposits and Time for Cash
Burgeoning Bottom Lines Building Community Health
Creating Virtuous Circles:  Rewarding real wealth creation
Rewarding Rational, Realistic, Robust and Human Scaled Progress
Bonuses, Benefits and Dividends, rewarding ALL the stakeholders
Rationally Reducing Expectations:  Rewarding mindful, progressive and conservative action

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