Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The case for working within existing systems

Everywhere people are, problems are too. 
This is not pessimistic, it is realistic in the truest sense of the word.  It's an essence of being human.  As long as we continue to grow and change, we will invent systems for our support – in fact, we can’t live without them.  Instead of vilifying our early attempts at systems (which actually embody a number of robust, even ingenious solutions), we must instead honor the intent of the systems, appreciate the entire reality of why some seemingly imperfect solutions may be appropriate in an imperfect world (Don’t try to eat a year’s worth of food in one meal), and accept and work within the natural forms that are most suited to exceptional outcomes.
It's a little bit about humility, a little bit about the turtle's race, and a lot about our children.
That's why I support the food movements - the sustainable foods movement, the local foods movement, the organic movement - each one of these embodies a greater understanding of how we are connected to the world arround us.  Each one offers a piece of a larger solution, which is best learned by living within that solution.
Small steps, big goals.

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