Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Am I Writing You?

Last night I showed yesterday's post to my wife. She's a beautiful woman; Smart, patient, supportive, kind. She was generous in her comments, but then let me know, in that oh-so-sweet way she has, that maybe I could do a better job of considering my audience. And she was right. I've got unexamined intentions. So, if you will humor me, I'll take a moment to see if we have some common ground to stand on...

I have, I find, many hopes in writing to you.

I hope to connect with you. I'm no recluse. I've got friends - a few really good ones but I don't feel anyone should have to be all things to all people - and I don't want to burden the friends I have with being all things to me. I've found great joy in life, as well as sorrow. And I've found, occasionally to my astonishment, that friendship enhances the joys, and eases the pain. And so if I can find in these writings, a way to connect to a greater number of people around a wider variety of interests, well that seems like a good thing to me.

I like to be helpful. I also enjoy teaching. In this blog I hope you find information you will use.

I love to learn. I hope to connect with people who have rich and interesting new ideas, and enjoy the experience of learning something new.

I want to help make this world a better place. The best way I can think of to help is sharing and building ideas. Besides, it gives me a purpose in life. I've found depression and boredom in selfishness. Helping out is just more fun.

I find myself at a crossroads in life. Caught between here and there, past and future, paths in a wood. I'm writing to gain clarity and to keep myself from being mired in inaction. To learn to be more open and to see what comes.

And an additional thought. I find, as I live within our culture, that much wisdom and dialog seem to be artificially divided into factions. These premises permeate our interactions in subtle ways. I've found joy in questioning black and white issues to find there is often truth in either side Sometimes important ideas come to light after removing these unnecessary divisions.

Why not let me know, if you find this helpful, thoughtful or weird... I'll appreciate it, and who knows what else may come of it?

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  1. You are an insightful man and a wonderful writer. Your written contributions matter and these ideas can and will change things. Keep it up.


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