Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toward a Philosophy of Existence

This is something that I find myself occasionally returning to.

As I make the statement “I exist” I confirm that I do, in fact, exist.

That I choose to use the word “I” determines that I am self aware.

Since I exist, and have the ability to choose my own actions, I choose actions that I subjectively value.

Since I conceive of the concept of others while writing this, I determine that I believe others exist.

Since others have acted toward me in a way that I do not act toward myself, I understand that others have a separate existence from me.

Since others exist separately, I choose to create a belief system that allows for myself and others to exist together.

Since I value my existence and choice of action, I choose to create a system of values that protects my existence and my choice of action.

Since I interact with and depend upon others, I choose to create a set of values that protects others’ existence and their choice of action.

Since the rules of a just system apply equally to all members of that system, I choose to grant each individual free choice of action since I do not want others to determine my actions.

Since this system of values allows for maximum choice of action, and maximum existence, this creates a resilient and sustainable basis for fre society and law.

Since existence and free action depend upon additional qualities, I would support a system that allows for the protection of those qualities.

Since the system is created to support quality of life, the system’s effects should be measured by both the protection of existence and free action as well as by its support of the quality of life of individuals within it.

Since Quality of Life is individually experienced, it must be measured by each individual. Useful measures of this quality may be termed happiness, satisfaction, or otherwise.

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